who we are

We are built on the foundation of understanding that God has the 360 Perspective. As we come together in truth, and a relationship that is intentional, a foundation is built. This opens the opportunity and privilege to explore and transform our lives as well as those we encounter. Our team operates from the perspective of planting and cultivating seeds of promise as business relationships grow. These are exciting days! Real estate and business are the hinges to the doors of peoples lives; let's make a difference that impacts this time on earth unto eternity.
what we do

360 perspective is a Licensed Real Estate and Business Broker. Through our relationships we locate, expand and transition businesses and real estate. We aim to bring color to business and real estate that currently operate in a 'black-and-white' reality, forging relationships with integrity, and producing results that have purpose. It is important to us that we connect you with people who have passion and vision for your industry. In addition to developing vision we even help to take care of details such as packaging SBA loans for purchases and preparing your business for sales.
we operate from the perspective that each business and property requires an individual assessment plan
360 benefits

  • We do business in real estate evaluations
  • We have local and national investors
  • We have business and real estate marketing & consulting
  • We do individual assessment plans
  • And more!